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What is


fedemic is a marketplace that allows freelancers to post jobs for FREE. It's time to make some extra bucks through your hobby.

Why works with fedemic ?
  • Top Safe

    We try to keep our marketplace safe and secured so that our customers and freelancers will have the best experience on fedemic.

  • Secured Transaction

    We use stripe and paypal payment systems which are highly secured and many large marketplaces are currently using. We want to make sure that our customers transactions will safe and secured. Fedemic never keeps any customer credit card information.

  • Top Notch Freelancers

    Our freelancers are best in their skills and try their level best to complete any job on time. We understand that there are exception in some cases and we try our best to resolve any customer issue in timely manner.

How fedemic marketplace works?
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  • Search based on your Requirements

    Through fedemic powerful search, look for freelancers and choose the best one according to your needs.

  • Select your favorite freelancer

    Select the freelancer based on its customer reviews, past projects and your project requirements.

  • Get your stuffs done

    Once you buy the job, you can communicate to the freelancer directly through our powerful private chat and provide your project requirements. Once the freelancer starts the job, timer will start accordingly. After the completion of job, please don't forget to leave review.