Our Story

Fedemic is a startup by 3 Engineers (College friends), living in Chicago, Vegas & Houston. Yes we are living in 3 different states and it’s strange but we all share the same goal. We always wanted to come up with the platform where we can help customers by providing them the optimized web-based platform so that they can make earnings by interacting their customers and other people. Fedemic is established in September 2018 with the concept of providing the optimized marketplace to freelancers.

Our Vision

We support freelancers in almost every industry from web and mobile development to content writing, graphic design, SEO etc. Fedemic makes it convenient, easy to find and hire, the world’s best professionals anywhere. We keep “Post a Job” always free for freelancers, we only charge a small %age from the delivered job.

Our Values

  • Freelancers & Customers always come first.
  • Teamwork and Coordination.
  • Customer Service & Care.
  • Fast & Secure Experience.


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